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'Florida News'
*Will Florida Recognize Gay Adoptions From Other States? Orlando Sentinel 6/22/09
*FL High Court Won't Block State Bar's Brief In Gay-Adoption Case. First Amendment Center 6/9/09
*Dunedin Anti-Discrimination Measure Earns Praise. St Petersburg Times 6/6/09
*DOD Tampa Protests CA Ruling Banning Gay Marriage. WMNF 88.5 FM (Listen News Report)
*Bay Area Residents Protest Ruling On Same-Sex Marriages. Tampa Tribune 5/27/09 (Photos)
*Court of Appeal Holds Florida Must Honor Gay Couples Second-Parent Adoptions. NCLR 5/13/09
*FL BREAKING NEWS: Gainesville Amendment 1 Fails By 61-39%. Gainesville Sun/Advocate 3/24/09
*EQGG Applauds Voters for Saying No to Discrimination. EQGB Press Release 3/24/09

"National Same Gender Marriage News'
*POLL: Majority of New Yorkers Favor Legalizing Gay Marriage. New York Daily News 6/23/09
*POLL: New Yorkers Supportive Of Gay Marriage. Reuters 6/23/09
*Obama's Creeping Submission To Homosexual Activists. One News Now (Anti-Gay Propaganda)
*Connecticut Senator Dodd Now Endorses Gay Marriage. New York Times 6/22/09
*As Gay-Marriage Dominoes Fall Throughout New England, Maine Gets Its Turn. SF Examiner 6/22/09
*Iowa's Gay-Marriage Law Sparks Tourism. Seattle Times 6/22/09
*Support For Gay Marriage Falls, Most Favor Legal Recognition For Gay Couples. US News 6/22/09
*Petitioners To Mormons: Soften Gay Marriage Stance. Associated Press 6/22/09
"Boycott Of Gay DNC Gay Fundraiser Over DOMA Brief"
*DOMA Defense Puts DNC Gay Fundraiser In Peril. On Top Magazine
*Shumlin Skips Democratic Party Fundraiser To Protest DOMA Demo. Times Angus
*More Gay Donors Drop Out of DNC Fundraiser, Protesting Justice Department Brief. ABC News
*Gay Activists, Donors To Boycott DNC Fundraiser. Washington Bladew
~ Four Articles In One Post ~
*New Jersey Governor Promises Gay Marriage, If Reelected. On Top Magazine 6/22/09
*As NY Senate Goes Into Overtime, Gay Groups Push Marriage. On Top Magazine 6/22/09
*Foe Of N.Y.'s Same-Sex Marriage Probed. LoHud.Com 6/22/09
*Gay Marriage Now Key Issue For New Jersey Governor. Philly.Com 6/21/09
*New York Bar Association Backs Gay Marriage Right. Times Union 6/21/09
*Maine Gay Marriage Sponsor Serves As Grand Marshal. Bangor Daily News AP 6/20/09
*Maine Anti-Gay-Marriage Group Deceiving Petition Signers. Sun Journal 6/20/09
*Same-Sex Couple: 'We've Been Treated Like Second-Class Citizens'. CNN 6/20/09 >
*Obama Signs Benefits To Same-Sex Couples Memo. Hispanic Business 6/19/09 >
*Activists Angry Over Justice Department’s Defense Of Gay Marriage Ban. Southern Voice 6/19/09
*San Francisco Joins Federal Bid To Overturn Prop. 8. CBS 5 6/19/09
*Gay Couples Can Use Married Names On Passports. Associated Press 6/19/09
*White House: Census To Count Married Gay Couples. Miami Herald 6/19/09
*Obama Signs Memo Opening Benefits to Same-Sex Couples. Hispanic Business 6/19/09
*Does Gay Marriage Violate Your Religious Values? Diversity Inc 6/19/09
*Gay Marriage Still In Play In Rhode Island. On Top Magazine 6/19/09
*Citing Law, City Reluctantly Argues For Release Of Gay Employees' Names. Seattle PI 6/19/09
*Opponents Want Court To Stop DC Gay Marriage Recognition. Washington Times 6/19/09
*Gay Critics Say 'Too Little, Too Late' From Obama. CNN 6/18/09 >
*Gay Parents, Gay Children? Townhall Townhall (Anti-Gay Propaganda 
*Federal Gay Marriage Challenge Has Hollywood Style. Reuters 6/18/09
*California Gay Marriage Fight Goes To Chinatown. Reuters 6/18/09
*Maine Gay Marriage Foes Hire California Prop 8 Firm. Associated Press 6/18/09
*Gay Activists Balk At New Obama Rights Offering On Top Magazine And President Obama Betrays The Gay Community. Salon.Com 6/17/09 Two Articles.
*Activist Robin Tyler is 'Divorcing' the 'Abusive' Democratic Party. Bilerico Project 6/17/09
*Barney Frank Calls DOMA Brief Mistake' Will Introduce Inclusive ENDA. Towleroad 6/17/09
*Barney Frank Rips Prez’s ‘Big Mistake’. Boston Herald 6/17/09
*Conservative Christians: Obama's Gay Benefits Order Approximates Marriage. US News 6/17/09
*N.Y. Gay Marriage Bill May Get New Life. Washington Times 6/17/09
*The Gay Guide To Obama's Remarks Today. Huffington Post 6/17/09
*Foes Vow Court Fight For D.C. Vote On Gay Marriage. Washington Times 6/17/09 (Propaganda)
*Maine Gay Marriage Petition Drive Off To Fast Start. Every Day Christian 6/17/09 (Propaganda)
*The $9.5 Billion Gay Marriage Windfall. Forbes 6/16/09
*In Pictures: Breaking Down The Gay Marriage Windfall. Forbes 6/16/09
**Gay-Marriage Advocates To Mark 1-Year Anniversary. Los Angeles Times 6/16/09
*Jubilation Muted On California Gay Marriage Anniversary Associated Press 6/16/09
~ Los Angeles Times & Associated Press Articles In One Post ~
*Nation's Mayors Speak Up for Equality. Advocate 6/16/09
*Obama Responds To Criticism Of DOMA Defense. On Top Magazine 6/15/09
*The Choice to Defend DOMA, and Its Consequences. AmericanBlog
*Former Clinton Aide Socarides: Obama's Department Of Justice Had A Choice. Pam's House Blend
*For Republicans, The Forces Aren't With Them. Washington Post
~ Three June 14, 2009 Articles In One Post ~
*Top Gay WH Aide Says ENDA, DADT, and DOMA Have No Chance At This Point, (Lies To Boot)
*Berrys: Hate Crimes 'May Pass' Next Week; WH Response To DOMA. Pam's House Blend.
~ AmericanBlog & Pam's House Blend Atticles One Post ~
*Gay Marriage Law's Impact On Iowans Subtle, Yet Powerful. Des Moines Register 6/14/09
*Former Miss California Gay Marriage Comment Cost Me My Crown. Miami Herald 6/12/09
*Gays Decry Obama's Stand On Gay Marriage Case. Associated Press 6/12/09
*Do 63% Of Americans Support Marriage Equality? Maybe. Maybe Not. 365Gay.Com 6/12/09
*Same-Sex Marriage: It's Not About Religion, It's About the Law. Diversity Inc 6/11/09
*Huckabee: Gay Marriage Ban A 'Miracle'. On Top Magazine 6/10/09
*Supreme Court Nominee Sotomayor's Pro-Gay Support Strengthened. On Top Magazine 6/10/09
*New Senate President Wants Vote on Same-Sex Marriage. New York Times 6/9/09
*How Will New York Senate GOP Turmoil Effect Gay Marriage Bill (11 Articles) 6/9/09
*WA State Foes Challenge Expanded Same-Sex Partner Rights. Seattlepi 6/8/09 (Related Articles)
*Michigan Voters Shifting Views On Gay Couples. Detroit Free Press 6/7/09
*Blacks Should Fight Budget Cuts, Not Gay Marriage (Related Articles) New America Media 6/7/09
*Want To Get Married? Here’s How. 365Gay.Com 6/6/09
*White House Shrugs At Request To Fire Gay Faith Member. On Top Magazine 6/5/09
*Gay Marriage Dominates Online, Ignored Offline. On Top Magazine 6/5/09
*Gay Marriage Bill Signed Into Law In New Hampshire. AP, Reuters & NY Times 6/4/09 (Photos)
esident Obama Issues Proclamation Declaring June GLBT Pride Month. White House 6/1/09
*Dick Cheney On Gay Marriage: 'Freedom For Everyone'. Associated Press 6/1/09 >
*Maryland Attorney General Considers Recognizing Gay Marriages. Associated Press 61/09
*Nevada Lawmakers Override Veto Of Partnership Bill, 365Gay.Com 6/1/09
*New York Gay Marriage Pressure Increases. New York Daily News 6/1/09
*NY Gay Rights Exhibit Hits Amid Marriage Debate. Reuters 6/1/09
*N.H. Gov. Lynch Comments On Upcoming Gay Marriage Vote. WMUR New Hampshire 6/1/09
*Gay Marriage Hurts Newsom's Campaign? Associated Press 6/1/09
*Effort To Ax Maine Gay Marriage Law Petition Drive Begins. Bangor Daily News 6/1/09
*California Gay Marriage Opponents Gear Up For Rallies. Associated Press 5/31/09
*Anyone Out There Who Can Explain The Gay Marriage Thing? Huffington Post 4/29/09 GOOD READ
*Iowa Governor Gay Marriage Won't Be Big Election Issue. KCCI 8 Des Moines 5/29/09
*Compromise Reached On New Hampshire Gay Marriage Bill. Associated Press 5/29/09
*Rhode Island Voters Favor Gay Marriage. On Top Magazine 5/29/09
*Gay Marriage Bill Returns In New Hampshire. On Top Magazine 5/29/09
*Former Vermont Governor: Predicts Gay Marriage "Non-Issue" In 2010. Radio Iowa 5/28/09
*Why Childless Straight Couples Make the Case for Gay Marriage. Huffington Post 5/28/09
*Majority Of Americans Continue To Oppose Gay Marriage. Gallup 5/27/09
*National Organization for Marriage New York Ad Blitz Against Gay Marriage. New York Times 5/27/09
*The Big Gay Chip On My Shoulder. Huffington Post 5/27/09
*Disappointed On Prop. 8, Council Speaker Quinn Presses On In Albany. NY Daily News 5/26/09
*Same-Sex Spouses Await Court Ruling, Contra Costa Times 5/22/09
*Georgia Rep. Broun Introduces D.C. Gay Marriage Ban. On Top Magazine 5/22/09
*Prop 8 Decision Draws Closer. Pink News UK 5/21/09
*Religious Leaders Fight Gay Marriage Legislation In D.C. WJLA 7 News 5/21/09
*Gay Marriage Fuels Debate Among D.C. Democrats. Washington Post 5/21/09
*Governor Signs Colorado Domestic Benefits Bill. 365Gay.Com 5/21/09
*DC Gay Marriage Debate Moves Issue To Black Community. Associated Press 5/21/09
*Activists Celebrate Maine's Gay Marriage Law. Associated Press 5/21/09
*ACLU Says School Censored Student's Milk Report. Associated Press. 5/20/09
*Nevada Gay Partner Bill Headed For Veto. On Top Magazine 5/21/09
*New Hampshire Legislature Fails To Pass Gay Marriage Bill. On Top Magazine 5/20/09
*Survey: Protestant Clergy Back Gay Rights, Not Marriage. USA Today 5/19/09
*Pennsylvania Senator Announces Gay Marriage Ban Bill. On Top Magazine 5/19/09
*Marriage Equality Past Present And Future: How The ’Phobes Have Fallen. Edge Boston 5/19/09
*New Hampshire Senate Panel Recommends Gay Marriage Amendment. Associated Press 5/19/09
*One Way Out of the Gay-Marriage Maze: Civil Unions For All. The Pilot 5/19/09
*Gay Marriage Rhetoric Hits New York Streets. On Top Magazine 5/19/09
*California Marriage Plaintiff Discusses Prop 8, Fallout. Edge Boston 5/18/09
*Denver Marriage Equality Rally Organized By 9-Year-Old. Edge Boston 5/18/09
*New York Gov, Mayor Headline Marriage Equality Rally. Gay City News 5/18/09
*GOP Marriage Bombshell? New York Daily News 5/18/09
*Gay Marriage Could Bring Rights Now Denied. Democrat And Chronicle 5/17/09
*5 Years Later, Couples Cheer Massachusetts Gay Marriage Ruling. Associated Press 5/17/09
*Next Debate In Washington State: Gay Marriage? Seattle Times 5/17/09
*Gay Marriage Bill Evokes Unity In New York. NYC Central 5/17/09
*Gay Marriage Supporters and Opponents Rally in Manhattan. WNYC 5/17/09 >
*Gay Marriage Caught Fire After NH House Reversal. Associated Press 5/17/09
*Study: Gay Marriages Pump $111 Million Into Massachusetts. Associated Press 5/17/09
*The Sanctity Of Marriage. Politicker NJ 5/16/09
*Third-Grader Organizes Gay Marriage Rally. ABC 7 News Denever 5/15/09 >
*Wisconsin Legal Battle Over Gay Marriage. WEAU 13 News 5/15/09
*One Year Ago Today: California High Court Allows Gay Marriage. Examiner 5/15/09
*Trend Toward Allowing Same-Gender Marriage Is Undeniable. Journal Sentinel 5/15/09
*New Hampshire Governor Will Sign Gay Marriage Bill If It's Changed. Associated Press 5/15/09
*Gay Marriage Support Grows In New York. UPI 5/15/09
*Denver 3rd-Grader Holds Equal Rights Rally at Capitol Saturday. Public News Service 5/15/09
*Democrats' Domino Effect on Gay Marriage Issue? ABC News 5/14/09 (Article Links Included)
*Using N.Y. Assembly Marriage Vote To Leverage The Senate. New York Daily News 5/12/09
*Gay Marriage Passes First Vote In New York State. Reuters 5/12/09
*Happy Anniversary: States Mark Marriage Milestones. Windy City Times 5/13/09
*NH Gov. Will Sign Gay Marriage Bill With Changes - Gov Lynch Statement. Tips-Q 5/13/09
*Gay Marriage Passes First Vote In New York State. Reuters/RNews 5/12/09 >
*WA Pledge to Decline To Sign Referendum 71 Petition. Equal Rights Washington 5/11/09
*WA Referendum 71 To Repeal Gay Partnersips. (6 Articles) Seattle Times 5/11/09 >
*Prop 8 Upheld, California Voters Likely To Revisit Gay Marriage. Los Angles Times 5/7/09
*Polls Show Mixed Support For Same-Gender Marriage. Bay Area Reporter 5/7/09
*New Hampshire Governor Promises 'Best Decision' On Gay Marriage. Associated Press 5/7/09
*Opponents Challenging New Maine Gay Marriage Law. Associated Press 5/7/09
*Governor Signs Act to End Discrimination in Civil Marriage, Affirm Religious Freedom, PR 5/6/09
*Gay Marriage Leaps Ahead In Maine, New Hampshire. NPR-AP  5/6/09
*Maine Becomes 5th State To Allow Same-Gender Marriage. Associated Press 5/6/09
*Debate About Same-Sex Marriage Should Be Civil. The Flint Journal 5/4/09
*Iowa National Guard Will Still Oust Married Gays. Des Moines Register 5/4/09
*More Than 450 Iowa Gay Couples Seek Licenses. Des Moines Register 5/3/09
*Renewed Hope (Is Prop 8 Toast?) NCL Rights 5/1/09
*Poll: Rising U.S. Support for Social Issues, Such as Gay Marriage. Washington Post 4/30/09
*Response: How Same-Sex Marriage Came To Heartland. By Harrison Land 4/11/09
*How Same-Sex 'Marriage' Came To Heartland. WorldNetDaily 4/11/09
*Dr. Laura Says Yes to "Gay Couples Commitment" But Not Marriage Equality. Advoacte 4/10/09
*5 Days Change Gay Marriage in Iowa, Vermont and Rest of Country. Huffington Post 4/9/09
*Advocates On Both Sides Seek Momentum On Same-Gender Marriage. New York Times 4/9/09
*Iowa Crowd Push For Gay Marriage Ban Amendment. Des Moines Register 4/9/09 >
*Wisconsin High Court Asked To Review Gay Marriage Vote. The North Western 4/9/09
*Gay Marriage: First Iowa, Is Wisconsin Up Next? WCCO 4/9/09
*What Vermont Gave Gay Marriage Foes. New York Post 4/9/09
*NY Governor Calls For Gay Marriage Vote. 365Gay.Com 4/9/09
*A Remarkable Week For Gay Rights. Globe and Mail 4/9/09
*With Victories, Gay Rights Groups Expand Marriage Push. New York Times 4/8/09
*DC Vote Puts Gay Marriage In Front Of Congress. Associated Press 4/8/09 >
*Poll: Support Strong For Gay Marriage In New York State. 365Gay.Com 4/8/09
*National Organization For Marriage's New Tactic: Fear-Mongering Without Using The Word 'Religion'. Bilerico Project 4/8/08
*Vermont Legislature Makes Same-Sex Marriage Legal. New York Times 4/7/09 (Photos)
*Vermont Legalizes Gay Marriage. On Top Magazine 4/7/09
*Clergy Raps, Hails Gay Marriage Ruling. Des Moines Register 4/6/09
*Gay Marriage Debate Riddled With Bad Assumptions. NPR 4/6/09  (4:15)  
*Religious Reaction To Iowa Gay Marriage Ruling, WWL 4/5/09 >
*Sen. Charles Schumer Gay-Marriage Support Comes At Right Time. The Chronicle 4/5/09
*Iowa Supreme Court Legalizes Gay Marriage. Washington Post/A.P. 4/3/09 >
*Iowa Court Voids Gay Marriage Ban. New York Times 4/3/09 (Photos)
*When A Court Decides Who Can Marry, Pro & Con. New York Times 4/3/09
*Text of Iowa Supreme Court Ruling 69 Pages (PDF Format)
*Unanimous Ruling: Iowa Marriage Not Limited To One Man, One Woman. Des Moines Register 4/3/09
*Iowa Legalizes Gay Marriage. Edge Boston 4/3/09
*New York Court of Appeals To Hear Two Same-Gender Marriage Cases. NY Times 3/31/09
*Vermont Committee Approves Gay Marriage Bill. On Top Magazine 3/31/09
*Vermont Gay Marriage Advocates, Opponents Flood Governor With Emails. Times Argus 3/31/09
*Congress Prepares To Tackle Gay Rights . On Top Magazine 3/27/09
*New Hampshire House OKs Gay Marriage. Detroit News 3/27/09
*Two Big Wins For Delaware Gay Rights Advocates. Delaware Online 3/27/09
*Vermont Governor To Veto Same-Gender Marriage Bill. Washington Blade 3/27/09
*Vermont Gay Marriage Push May Not End With Veto. USA Today 3/26/09
*Gay Marriage, Set Back in One State, Gains In A Second. New York Times 3/26/09
*Same-Gender Proposals Up In Less Religious New England States. USA Today 3/26/09
*Same-Gender Marriage Bills Gain In New England. Boston Globe 3/24/09
~ Five Articles in One Post ~
Complete Video of Prop. 8 Hearing Before California Supreme Court (3:38:34)
NOTE: Advance to 15:00 (Minutes) for start of hearing.  The California Channel (Menu)
PTB Day of Decision National, Tampa, FL Actions & Gay Marriage News"
Same-Gender Marriage Supporters Candlelight Vigil in San Francisco on Eve of California Supreme Court Receiving Oral Argument to Overturn Proposition 8 (2:22) Mercury News (Menu)
Proposition 8 Arguments Inside and Outside The Courts (2:41) Contra Costa Times (Menu)
''Video Menu''
*California Prop 8 (Before, Court Ruling and Protests) 5/26 & 5/27 Offsite Videos Yahoo.
(Videos Posted Oldest to Newest)
*Complete Video of Prop. 8 Hearing Before California Supreme Court (3:38:34)
NOTE: Advance to 15:00 (Minutes) for start of hearing.  The California Channel.
*Gay Marriage Vigil Eve of Court Oral Argument to Overturn Proposition 8 (2:22) Mercury News.
*Proposition 8 Arguments Inside and Outside The Courts (2:41) Contra Coata Timesl.
*Julian Bond: "Gay Rights Are Civil Rights" Los Angeles 3/16/09 (25:42) HRC Media.
*Jonathan Capehart Interview Julian Bond PBS-TV's "In The Life." 10/28/08 (9:33) camrincat.
*Senator Barbara Boxer On Gay Marriage and Vote No On Prop 8 TV Ad (1:01) AntiConformist911.
*Gloria Allred P.C. On CA Gay Marriage Historic Decision May 18, 2008 (4:38) gloriaallred.
*Portia De Rossi's Gay Marriage PSA (1:21) JimmyKimmelLive.
*Rachel Maddox MSNBC: Prop 8 Protests Go National (2:52) gayliberation.
*Response To NOM's "Gathering Storm" Ad & DOM Ad (3:05) (1:01) goodasyou.
*Invalidate Prop 8 - Day of Decision - Promo (1:44) Sean Chapin.
*Robin Tyler Speaks At Prop 8 Eve of Justice San Francisco (00:43) cjeungmills.
*Gay Marriage = Religious Freedom Response to Storm Gathering (5:40) robtish.
*Congress Could Undo D.C. Pro-gay Marriage Vote (1:30) Associated Press.
*California Court To Rule On Prop 8, Robin Tyler & Diane Olson (201) MSNBC (Offsite: 5/24/09)
*Rachel Maddow MSNBC: Gay Community Reactions To Prop 8 Ruling (1:46) NewsPoliticsNews.
*Dick Cheney On Gay Marriage: 'Freedom For Everyone', Supports It (1:07) CSPAN.
*Steven & Pedro Julio: A Mothers Wish (4:05) nycluclips (Marriage New York)
*Tom & Santiago: A Piecemeal Recognition (1:25) nycluclips (Marriage New York)
*Robin Tyler, Wife Diane Olson & Attorney Gloria Allred MSNBC Interview (4:00) sydwillgetmarried.
*Gay Couple On Discrimination (1:53) Anderson Cooper 360 CNN.
*Same-Sex Benefits Granted Obama Signs Domestic Partners Benefits Act Memorandum. CNN.
*Obama Extends Benefits for Same-Gender Partners (1:43) Associated Press.
First Couple to Marry in Los Angeles California: Diane Olsen (L) Robin Tyler (R) Credit: Queerty
DayOdDecision.Org Credit: Andy Thayer
Julian Bond: "Gay Rights Are Civil Rights" Los Angeles 3/16/09 (25:42) HRCMedia (Menu)
Jonathan Capehart Interview Julian Bond PBS-TV's "In The Life." 10/28/08 (9:33) (Good Watch)
NAACP Chairman Julian Bond discusses intersection of Gay Rights, Civil Rights and Human Rights, (Menu)
Speaker/Senator Barbara Boxer On Gay Marriage and Vote No On Prop 8 TV Ad (1:01) (Menu)
Gloria Allred Press Conference California Same-Gender Marriage Historic Decision (4:38) (Menu)
Press conference following the historic decision by the California State Supreme Court on Same Gender Marriage.
Youth Today Walk For Equality: Demonstrators of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and tránsgender community demand guarantee of his rights as human beings. Many young people is harassed and vilipendiados in his centers of study [Photos: Ciro]
Civil Rights March to Sacramento Website/Blog.Credit: On Struggle One Fight
Portia De Rossi's Gay Marriage PSA (1:21) JimmyKimmelLive Must Watch  A LOL For Sure (Menu)
'Iowa Supreme Court Unanimous Ruling Gay Marriage Ban Unconstitutional'
'Beth Robinson, an advocate of same-sex marriage, after the passage of a gay marriage bill in Montpelier, Vt., on Tuesday. At left is Sherry Corbin and at right is Susan Murray. Toby Talbot/Associated Press
Vermont Became the First State to Legalize Same-Gender Marriage By Legislative Action. Unlike other states which was by a court ruling. GOP Governor Jim Douglas had promised to veto the gay marriage bill, which he did bill on Monday. However, the Senate overrode the Governor with a 23 to 5 vote and House vote was 100 to 49, with not a single vote to spare. The law goes into effect Sept. 1, 2009
Vermont Gov. Jim Douglas holds a news conference following passage of a gay marriage bill April 7, 2009. His veto of the same-gender marriage bill was overriden by the House and Senate, making it the fourth state to legalize gay marriage. (AP Photo/Toby Talbot)
'Day Of Decision, Prop 8 & California News & Videos'
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*Day of Decision National Prop 8 Ruling Protests 300+ Photos. Yahoo 4/36/09

*Cleve Jones Responds: 10 Reasons Why A March Isn't a Bad Idea. Bilerico Project 6/15/09
*10 Reasons Why A LGBT March on Washington Is A Bad Idea. Huffington Post 6/09/09
*Gay Rights Activist Calls For March On Washington. Miami Herald 6/7/09
*National Mall Already Booked For Weekend Of March On Washington. Gay City News 6/3/09
*Why We Shpold NOT March om Washington In 2009. Robin Tyler DOD Co-Founder 6/3/09
*Gay Marriage Bill Signed Into Law In New Hampshire. Associated Press, Reuters, NY Times 6/3/09
*Charlize Theron: Rallies With Mom for Gay Marriage. E-Online 6/1/09
*Reaching Out To Californians. Op-Ed Lisa Leff 365Gay.Com 6/1/09
*Thousands Rally In Support Of Gay Marriage Ban. Los Angles Times 6/1/09
*Hundreds March For Gay Marriage In Central California. Associated Press 5/31/09
*California Gay Marriage Opponents Gear Up For Rallies. Associated Press 5/31/09
*Christian Group Asks To Fight Prop 8 Suit On Gay Marriage. Associated Press 5/29/09
*Charlize Theron To Appear At Fresno Gay Marriage Rally. On Top Magizine 5/29/09
*California Gay Marriage Ban Stands; Fight Promised. Gazette 5/28/09
*More On The Federal Suit For Gay Marriage. Bilerico Project 5/28/09
*Even After Prop 8, The Fight and Party Must Go On. Huffington Post 5/28/09
*Charlize Theron: "I Don't Agree With Homophobia". E-Online 5/27/09
*Report From California: Rallying Against H8. 365Gay.Com 5/27/09
*How the Prop 8 Ruling Will Help Gay Marriage. Huffington Post 5/27/09
*Legal Experts Concerned By Federal Prop. 8 Case. Advocate 5/26/09
*Former Bush Lawyer Sues To Overturn Prop 8. On Federal Level.Salon 5/26/09
*Palm Springs Mayor Issues Statement Regarding Prop 8 Court Decision. Desert Sun 5/26/09
Prop 8 Decision Day: California Upholds Discrimination. Menstrual Poetry 5/26/09
Disappointed On Prop. 8, Council Speaker Quinn Presses On In Albany. NY Daily News 5/26/09
*California Upholds Gay Marriage Ban. AFP, USA Today, Reuters, A.P. 5/26/09
*Prop. 8 Plaintiffs Await Decision. CW 13 5/25/09 (Offsite Video) >
*8: The Mormon Proposition (Interview W/Director Reed Cowan) Daily Kos 5/25/09
*Court to Hand Down Prop 8 Decision Tuesday. KNBC Los Angeles 5/25/09
*Prop 8 Ruling Day of Decision Events Planned In 95+ Cities. Pams House Blend 5/25/09
*More Than 95+ Cities To Mark Prop 8 Decision Tomorrow. Gay Rights 5/25/09
*Gay Groups Prepare For Prop. 8 Decision. On Top Magazine 5/25/09
*Groups Plan Ahead To Prop 8 Decision Day. KPSP Loca l2 5/25/09
*Pro-Gay Marriage Prayer Service On Eve Of Prop 8 Ruling. San Diego 5/25/09
*With Prop 8 Decision Looming, Portlanders Organize for Tuesday Rally. Portland Mercury 5/25/09
~ Seven Articles In One Post ~
Three Families Wait On Prop. 8 Decision. Ventura County Star 5/24/09
*Prop 8 Day Of Decision Events Planned In 90 Cities. Examiner 5/24/09
*California High Court To Rule On Proposition 8 on Tuesday. 5/22-23/09
*California High Court To Rule On Gay Marriage Ban. Reuters /22/09
*Same-Sex Marriage Ruling Set for Tuesday in California.
~ Three Articles In One Post ~
*California Marriage Plaintiff Discusses Prop 8, Fallout. Edge Boston 5/18/09
*Riverside County: Prop. 8 Opponents To Gather For Day Of Decision. Desert Sun 5/13/09
*Let's Press on For More Victories!!. DayOfDecision.Org 4/8/09
*Labor Endorses "Day Of Decision" On Prop 8. Seatle Gay News 4/8/09
*National Call For Civil Disobedience Issued, New Website Seeks to Educate Public and Train Organizers Nationwide. NonViolence4Equality.Org 4/1/09
*Waiting for Reckoning Day and About the Prop 8 Legal Challenge Bilerico Project & NCLR 3/30/09
*Join the Impact Responds to the Call for DayOfDecision.org Co-Sponsors. B-Side 3/28/09
*NCLR Director Expects Decision Upholding Prop 8 Come Late April, Early May. Dallas Voice 3/26/09
*Get CA Out Of Marriage Business Proposed Answer To Prop. 8 War. Sacramento Bee 3/25/09
*Ready, Set, MARCH! Civil Rights March To Sacramento 3/24/08
*Gay Marriage Advocates Kick Off March To Sacramento. KCBS 3/34/09 (News Report Podcast 1:20)
*Youth Today Walk For Equality: Claim Respect For His Sexual Orientation. La Opinión 3/24/09
*Attorney General Jerry Brown Counsels Gay Marriage Backers. Sacramento Bee 3/24/09
*Another Marriage Petition Cleared For California. Huffington Post 3/20/09
*Queer Liberaction Already Planning Local Rally For Prop 8 ‘Day of Decision’. Dallas Voice 3/20/09
*California Domestic Partners Initiative Cleared For Signature Gathering. Bay Area Reporter 3/19/09
*Will Gay Couples' Marriage Vows Survive California Court Review? Wall Street Journal 3/19/09
*Waiting For It: Marriage Hangs in Balance, Activists Decide How to Respond. Queerty 3/18/09
*Is Prop 8 Cause Of Surge In Anti-Gay Hate Crime Cases? Mercury News 3/17/09
*Over 1000 Gather As The Battle Over Prop 8 Continues. College Media Network 3/16/07
*LGBT Youth to March On Sunday, The 22nd In Los Angles. My Desert 3/16/09
*Day of Decision’ Rallies Planned Regardless of Calif. Court’s Ruling on Prop 8. CNS News 3/16/09
*Lessons Of The Prop. 8 Hearings. San Francisco Chronicle 3/16/09
*Activists To March To Sacramento In Anticipation of Prop 8 D-Day. Indy Bay 3/16/09
*Prop 8 D-Day. Indy Bay 3/14/09
*Prop. 8 Opponents, Supporters Await Decision. Philadelphia Gay News 9/13/09
*Prop 8 Is About More Than Gay Marriage, WeHeNews 3/11/09
*Arguments for Calif. Prop. 8 May Win Day, But Not Battle, Against Same-Sex Marriage. CNS 3/9/09
*In Wake Of Prop 8 Arguments, Activists Call For Action. WeHoNews 3/9/09
*Call for Nationwide Rallies On Marriage Decision Day. Advocate 3/9/09 >
*Demonstrators Already Hit The Street; Ruling Could Come Soon. NY Blade 3/6/09
*We Can’t Be Silent, Joe To The Max 3/6/09
*Gay marriage Backers Grilled By California Judges. Reuters 3/5/09
*FACTBON: Gay Marriage Battle Back In California High Court. Reuters 3/5/09
*Prop. 8 - A Case About Justice. By Robin Tyler San Francisco Chronicle 3/3/09
*Prop. 8 - It's Not About Us, It's About You, By Robin Tyler Bilerico Project 3/2/09
*Out of 'Milk,' Perhaps a Little Human Kindness Toward Gay Rights. Washington Post 2/21/09
''DOD Alerts & Updates''
*CA Supreme Court Upholds Prop 8, Day of Decision Is Day of Protests Nationwide. Press Release.
*Anti-Prop 8 Protests In Over 100 Cities Tonight, See List of National and Canada City Protests.
*Pinellas, Lake Worth & Fort Myers Join Tampa Bay In National Day of Decisions Actions Press Release.
*BREAKING NEWS: National Day of Decision Prop 8 Ruling Will Be On May 26, 2009. Press Release 5/22/09.
*UPDATE: Invalidate Prop 8 - Day of Decision - Promo Video (1:44)
Organize Florida Action Contact:: zeke@dayofdecision.org. All Other States Contact: robintyler@dayofdecision.org.
Response (Left) To NOM's "Gathering Storm" Ad (Right)(3:05) goodasyou (Menu)
The so-called National Organization For Marriage wants you to believe that marriage equality is a "storm." We want you to know that their lies and biases are the TRUE dark clouds
Invalidate Prop 8 - Day of Decision - Promo (1:44) Sean Chapin (Menu)
When CA Supreme court issues its ruling, come out to your local rally, either celebrate its rejection or protest affirmation.
Robin Tyler Speaks At Prop 8 Eve of Justice San Francisco (00:43) cjeungmills (Menu)
GLBT Rights Advocate California Attorney Gen. Jerry Brown
*Jerry Brown Anti-Prop 8 Brief Filed With California Supreme Court.  (Skip First 74 Pages, Starts Page 75) (PDF) 
*Jerry Brown Asks California Supreme Court To Void Gay-Marriage Ban. Los Angeles Times 12/20/08
*Pros And Cons Of Prop. 8. Editorial Los Angeles Times 12/18/08
*Jerry Brown Files Response To Prop. 8 Challenge.  Sacramento Bee 11/18/08
Congress Could Undo D.C. Pro-Gay Marriage Vote (1:30) Associated Press 5/5/09 (Menu)
California Court To Rule On Prop 8, Robin Tyler, Wife Diane Olson, MSNBC Nightly News (201) (Menu)
'California Supreme Up-Holds Prop 8, 18,000 Same-Gender Marriages Still Legal"
*Obama Signs Memo Opening Benefits to Same-Sex Couples. Hispanic Business 6/19/09 >                
*Obama Responds To Criticism Of DOMA Defense. On Top Magazine 6/15/09 (DOMA Brief 54 Pages PDF) (Related Articles)
*President Obama Issues Proclamation Declaring June GLBT Pride Month. White House Press Release 6/1/09
*Wetpaint-Powered Flash Activism Turns Out Tens of Thousands of Prop 8 Protestors. 5/27/09.
*California High Court Upholds Gay Marriage Ban. AFP, USA Today, Reuters & Associted Press Artiles. 5/26/09.
"DOD Tampa Appreciates &Thanks All Who Braved Thunderstorms to Attend Our Protest"
*DOD Tampa Protests CA Ruling Banning Same-Sex Marriage. WMNF 88.5 FM (Listen News Report)
*Bay Area Residents Protest Ruling On Same-Sex Marriages. Tampa Tribune 5/27/09 (Tampa Tribune Photos)
Credit: Greenburg Ventura County Star
State Senator Tom Ammiano, a longtime gay activist, arrived to show support for opponents of the ballot measure, called Proposition 8. Photo: Jim Wilson/The New York Times (More Photos)
'Vermont Legislature Makes Historic Vote Legalizes Same-Gender Marriage'
Openly Gay Rep. Steve Howard, D-Rutland, left, gets congratulations from Rep. Warren Kitzmiller, D-Montpelier, following the passage of a gay marriage bill (AP Photo/Toby Talbot)
Secretary of the Senate David Gibson, center, is surrounded journalists as he receives a veto message of Gov. Jim Douglas from Karen Pallas at the governor's office in Montpelier, Vt., Monday, April 6, 2009. Douglas vetoed the gay marriage bill, which would send it back to the Legislature for override votes in the House and Senate on whether to override. (AP Photo/Toby Talbot)
Plaintiffs in a lawsuit that challenged Iowa’s ban against same-sex marriage react after hearing the state Supreme Court’s ruling on Friday. Credit: Greenburg Ventura County Star
Sean Fritz, left, and Tim McQuillan show their wedding license before getting married, Friday, Aug. 31, 2007, in Des Moines, Iowa. (Source:AP/Charlie Niebergall)
Partners Terri Neuendorf, right, and LaDonna Kyle, both of Des Moines, kiss outside the Judicial Building this morning after the announcement of the Iowa Supreme Court decision on same-sex marriages. RODNEY WHITE / THE REGISTER
Tampa Bay Day Of Decision Prop 8 Protest 5/26/09. (Click to Enlarge, Back Button To Return)
WATCHING AND WAITING: Katie Shea (right) holds a picture of slain politician Harvey Milk as people watch Proposition 8 court proceedings March 5 on a giant screen in San Francisco. California Supreme Court justices heard arguments last Thursday on lawsuits seeking to overturn the state’s voter-approved ban on same-sex nuptials as thousands demonstrated outside the courthouse. AP Photo: Marcio Jose Sanchez
MSNBC's Rachel Maddow Prop 8 Protests Go National (2:52) gayliberation (Menu)
Rachel Maddow MSNBC: Gay Community Reactions To Prop 8 Ruling (1:46) NewsPoliticsNews. (Menu) 
Dick Cheney On Gay Marriage: 'Freedom For Everyone', Supports It (1:07) CSPAN.. (Menu) 
Steven & Pedro Julio: A Mothers Wish (4:05) nycluclips (Marriage New York) (Menu) 
Tom & Santiago: A Piecemeal Recognition (1:25) nycluclips (Marriage New York). (Menu) 
Robin Tyler, Wife Diane Olson & Attorney Gloria Allred MSNBC Interview (4:00) (Menu)
Discussing California Supreme Court's Prop 8 Ruling 15 Minutes Before Decision Is Announced. 9:45 PST, 5/26/09
Gay Couple On Discrimination (1:53) June 19, 2009 Anderson Cooper 360 CNN. (Menu) 
Same-Sex Benefits Granted (3:48) CNN Obama Memorandum Domestic Partners Benefits Act (Menu) 
Obama Extends Benefits for Same-Gender Partners (1:43) Associated Press (Menu) 
"Good Reads'
*Our Mutual Joy (Opponents of gay marriage often cite Scripture. But what the Bible teaches about love argues for the other side). Newsweek 12/15/08