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Lawrence "Larry" King, 15, School Memorial:
Larry's Classmates Cope With His Death. Photo Gallery. (12 Photos)
Remembering Lawrence King:
Lawrence "Larry" King Wikipedia:
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Sean W. Kennedy, 20
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DeansLastWish Foundation:
Man Pleads Guilty In 2007 Death Of Sean Kennedy. Fox Carolina News (6/11/08)
Sean W. Kennedy Wikipedia:
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Danny Lee Overstreet
Tribute to Danny and Roanoke7 Backstreet Cafe Shooting Victims (Click Danny's Photo)
Much Thanks to My Dear Friend Roz for Sharing Her Personal Struggle of Bruce's Suicide. Roz Does This,
So Others Know They Are Not Alone and May Not Have to Experience Such a Tragic Loss. (Click Banner)
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Ryan Kieth Skipper
Accessory to Murder Documentary (Click Ryan's Photo)
Lawrence "Larry' King (Top Page) (Video Menu)
A Deadly Clash of Emotions Before Oxnard Shooting. Victim Taken Off Life Support. Associated Press.
(Pride Tampa Bay's Special Archives of Videos, Audio & Photo Galleries On Larry ~ Click Here ~
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*National Day Of Silence 2008 Video Menu. (6 Videos )and Comprehensive List of News Articles.
*Celebrities Speak Out Against GLBT Hate Following Larry King Murder (1:00) (One Video)
*"10 Years" - Judy Shepard Calls for Hate Crime Law (1:33) (One Video)
*Angie Zapata's Story Through Her Families Eyes: Let's End Hate Together (3:26) (One Video)
*Friends, Family of Slain Man Hold Candlelight Vigil at State House. WIS 10 (Two Videos)
*Gay American Heroes Memorial Video' By Justin Braithwaite (One Video)
*Gay Mormon Group Calls For Dialogue With Church. Provo Daily Herald (8/11/08) (Video News Report)
*Florida Legislator Has Anti-Gay Past. 365Gay.Com (8/7/08) (Video Calls Gay People "Immoral" Unfit)
*Mr. T Tells Bill O'Reilly 'I'm No Gay Basher'. Fox News (8/7/08) (Mr. T. One Video)
*Pastor Interested In Effect Of Right-Wing Writings On Shooter. Knoxville Sentinel (8/6/08) (One Video)
*Dallas Gay 'Hate Crime' Victim Speaks Out. CBS 11. (Two Videos)
*Sheriff's Are Treating Springville Violent Assault As Hate Crime. WKBW. (Video 1 & Video 2)
*Man Arrested In Murder Of Transgender Person. 9News.Com. (7/30/08) (One Video News Report)
*Church Shooting Victims Improving, Hospital Says. CNN. (Four Videos Each Continue After One Finishes)
*Angie Zapata'S Family Speaks Of Their Loss and Murderer. Great American Heroes (One Video)
*Freshmen Girls' Fight May Bring Hate Crime Charges. Wood TV 8 (Article & Video News Report)
*Beating Of Gay Sacramento Man Appears To Be Hate Crime. CBS 13 News (Video News Report)
*Shia LaBeouf Embarrassed By Gay Slur. AOL News (Article & Warning Explicit Language Video)
*Adrian Clay~Shari Campbell - Found Beaten and Stabbed to Death. (One Video)
*Lawrence "Larry' King: California 15 Year Old Gay Student Murdered by Classmate. (One Video)
*Gwen "Edward" Araujo: California Teen Brutally Murdered by Four Men. (Three Videos)
*Maurice "Melissa" Green: Arizona Murdered 22 Year Old Case Remains Unsolved. (One Video)
Michael J. Sandy, 29 Year Old New York City Murdered. (One Video)
Remembering Matthew Shepard (One Video)
Brandon Teena, 21 Year Old Humboldt, Nebraska Murdered (One Video)
Edward 'Gwen' Araujo (Top Page) (Video Menu)
1. In Memory Of Gwen Amber Rose Araujo (3:42)
2. Gwen Amber Rose Araujo Memorial (4:59)
Gwen Araujo R.I.P. (4:32)

Maurice 'Melissa' Green (Top Page) (Video Menu)
Candlelight Vigil Held to Remember Melissa on the 2nd Anniversaty of Her Murder. (1:16)
Eddie 'Gwen' Araujo
(Click Gwen's Photo (Center) for TBC's Comprehensive News Coverage)
Bye Bye Lida, A Tribute to Eddie Gwen Araujo:
Gwen 'Eddie" Araujo Murder Wikipedia.
Brandon Teena
(Click Brandon's Photo for Tribute Pages (Left to Right) My Space, Memorial & Wikipedia)
Matthew Wayne Shepard Foundation
(Click Photos (Left to Right) for Matthew & Our Story, Matthew Wayne Shepard Foundation & Memorial)
Matthew's Place:
Matthew Wayne Shepard - A Gentle Spirit:
A Tribute to Matthew Shepard:
Matthew Shepard Wikipedia:
Michael J. Sandy (Top Page) (Video Menu)
A Tribute Video to a Hate Crime Victim.
Remembering Matthew Shepard (Top Page) (Video Menu)
Memories of Matthew Shepard will always live on and be remembered by billions of people like him. Go to the Keeping Memories Alive of Matthew Shepard Memorial! (7:23)
Brandon Teena (Top Page) (Video Menu)
A 21 ywar old transgender was raped and murdered, two others were killed the day Brandon was, Lisa Lambert and Phillip DeVine. R.I.P. to all of them and help stop the violence. (3:49)
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Adrian Clay ~ Shari Campbell
Friends Claim Man's Killing Was Hate Crime. San Antonio, TX Video KSAT.Com News Report. (1:46)
Lance Neve (Video Menu)
Grand Jury Indicts Man For Hate Crime, Victim and Partner Speak About Attack. 10NBC News. (3:21)
Angie Zapata
Vigil @ UNC 8/9/08 (7:31) (PTB's Comprehensive Trial Coverage of Her Murderer) (Top Page) (Video Menu)
R.I.P. My Space Tribute Page
(Click Ryan's Photo)
Ryan & Stephanie Strickland, He Was DJ at Her Wedding
(Top Page) 'Gay American Heroes Memorial Foundation Video' (1:00) (Video Menu)
Ryan Keith Skipper, is the young man who inspired A National Memorial. (The Gay American Heroes Foundation)
That Honors and Remembers all LGBTQ persons and supporters who were murder for being themselves. The Gay American Heroes Memorial is a tribute to the lives of the hundreds of GLBT victims of hate crimes. Through this traveling memorial, we will insure that the lives of these heroes will be celebrated and never forgotten.
NOTE: Please Be Patient Page May Take a Few Moments to Load Videos.
PTB's Comprehensive Coverage of Ryan's Murderer's Trial Videos Archives and Ryans News & Video Archives.
''The Horrific Murder of Michael Scott Goucher, 21 Year Old Gay Veteran''
Michael Was Stabbed Between 45 and 50 Times By Two Sick Punks, One of Which He Met on Net.
Michael Scott Goucher, 21 Year Old Victim
(Click Photos for Enlarged View, Close Window to Return to This Page)
Ian Seagravesm 17, Accomplish To Murder
Shawn Freemore, 19, Confessed to Murder
*News Article & Obituary Michael, His Family and Friends'
*Family of Michael Goucher Discuss His Tragic Death & Related Michael Video Menu >
*Michael S. Goucher Obituary. Pocono Record 2/13/08
*Family, Friends Remember Slain Stroudsburg Gay Man. 2/13/3009
~ Read Articles ~
'News Articles, Photos About Michaels & His Killers'
*Scholarships Named For Slain Crime Watch Captian Michael Goucher. Pocono Record 5/8/09
*Young Man's Murder Is Deeply Disturbing. Pocono Record 5/3/09
*East Stroudsburg Crime Watch Remembers Captin Michael Goucher. Pocono Recorf 4/30/09
*Pocono Teens Heading To Trial In Michael Goucher Fatal Stabbing. Pocono Record 4/24/09
*Affidavit Of Probable Cause Shawn Freemore In Michael Goucher Murder Case (Updated) (PDF 2 Pages)
*Affidavit Of Probable Cause Ian Seagraves In Michael Goucher Murder Case (PDF 4 Pages)

*Let Goucher Killing Bring About Change For The Better. Letter to Editor Pocono Record 2/27/0
*Pocono Mountains: Murder Victim Lured to Death by Sex Tryst. Associated Content 2/20/09
*New Charge: Price Township Killing Was Planned. Pocono Record 2/20/09
*Second Arrest Made In Fatal Stabbing of Michael Goucher. Pocono Record 2/19/09
*Pocono Teens Charged In Murder Part Of Juggalo Gang Known For Violent Rap. Pocono Record 2/19/09
*Teen Confesses To Stabbing Stroudsburg Gay Man About 20 Times. Pocono Record 2/13/09
*Parents Of Price Bi-Man Charged With Murder Speak Out. Pocono Record 2/13/09
*Gay Vet Brutally Murdered. 365Gay.Com 2/13/09
*Internet Tryst Leads to Murder of Gay Pennsylvania Gay Army Veteran. Towleroad 2/12/09
*Gay Sex Tryst Gone Bad Led To Fatal Stabbing, Defendant Tells Police. Pocono Record 2/12/09
~ Read Articles ~
'Take Action Alerts, Featured Comprehensive Coverage Of News Stories:  & Videos"
*TAKE ACTION ALERT: Repeal "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" Sign On To The Letter to Florida's Congressional Delegation.
*TAKE ACTION ALERT: Inclusive Employment Non-Discrimination Act, (ENDA) Introduced to Senate, Contact Senators.
*TAKE ACTION ALERT: Anti-Gay Groups Targets AAA's Marriage Equality Policy. UPDATED ALERT.
*PTB Special Report: Gay Couple Who Kissed At Mormon LDS Mall Confronted, Arrested  & Charges Are Dropped..
*RED FLAG RALLY & PROTEST Against WFLA CH H8 For Airing Homophobic Infomercial.
*Lawrence King Murderer Brandon McInerney Will Be Tried As Adult. 12 Articles. (PTB's Complete News Coverage)
*Religious Right Pushing 'In God We Trust On City Logos and Billboards Ads.
*Senate Passes Fully Inclusive Hate Crimes Bill. *House Passes Matthew Shepard Act, *Bills Opponents Lies & Deceit.
*The Rainbow Lounge Was Raided By Police & TABC During a Celebration of Stonewall 40 GLBT Civil Rights Movement.
*Openly Gay Sailor Murdered At Camp Pendleton, Investigation Into Whether It Was A Hate Crime.
*Radio Show Dehumanizing Defamatory Transgender Bashing, Takes A Positive Turn To Educating Listeners..
*4 Teens Charged Rape Of 13 Y.O. *Relentless Bullying Leads Two Boys To Commit  Suicide. *Michael Goucher Gay Veteran Murdered.
''Anti-Gay School Bullying Causes Two 11 Year Old Boys To Commit Suicide''
The Epidemic of Relentless Anti-Gay Bullying Is Going Un-Checked By Teachers and Administrators. Tragically It's Devastating Effects Is More Than Our Teens and Young Children Can Indure. To Stop Their Pain and Suffering They Are Turning to Suicide. In Aprol 09 2 Young Boys Killied Themselves. We Must Take Action to Stop This Now!!.
Carl Joseph Walker-Hoover, Took His Life April 6, 2009
*Carl J. Walker-Hoover Obit, Guest Book, Articles, Photos & Video Links: Multiple Posting On One Pages.
Merciless {Gay Slurs} Bullying Leads to Child's Suicide (7:20) CNN: Anderson Cooper 360 (Below)  >
Mother Calls For Change After Son's Suicide (3:42) NECN.Com >
Jaheem Herrera, Took His Life April 16, 2009
*School Bullying Is Not Child’s Play. 5/15/09. *Verdicts Upheld In Murder of Gwen Araujo. 5/19/09.
*Rash of Student Suicides Clouds ’Day of Silence’. 4/10/09. *GLSEN: Press Release. 4/10/09.
*17 Year Old Commits Suicide Due to Bullying. 4/2/09. *Parents Blame Bullies for 5th-Grade Suicide. 1/15/09.
Jaheem Herrera News Articles
~ Multiple Articles Posted On One Pages ~
''Journey to Here - Tribute Mike Goucher'' (4:31) eaststroudsburg (Micheal's Video Menu) (Top Page)
Music Video made before Michael left for U.S. Army after graduating from East Stroudsburg H.S. in 2006.
'Michael Goucher Video Menu'
''County Murder Victim Remembered'' (2:35) >
''Journey to Here - Tribute Mike Goucher'' (4:31) >
''Mike Goucher's Funeral'' (2:17) >
''Community Shocked by Stabbing Death'' (2:03) >
''Shawn Freemore, 19, Arraigned (1:14) and 2nd Teen Ian Seagreaves, 17, Charged (2:23) in Brutal Stabbing Murder of Michael Goucher'' (Two Videos) >
''William Searfoss. Mary Searfoss Michael's Uncle & Aunt Discuss His Tragic Death'' (2:42) (Below)
''Mike Goucher's Funeral'' (2:17) eaststroudsburg (Micheal's Video Menu) (Top Page)
''Community Shocked by Stabbing Death'' (2:03) WNEP News (Micheal's Video Menu) (Top Page)
Shawn Freemore, 19, Arraigned (1:14) and 2nd Teen Ian Seagreaves Charged (2:23) in Brutal Stabbing Murder of Michael Goucher (1:14) (Return Micheal's Video Menu) (Top Page)
"10 Years" - Judy Shepard Calls for Hate Crime Law (1:33) (Hate Crime News) (Top Page)
Judy Shepard lost her son Matthew to an anti-gay hate crime more than 10 years ago. Since then tens of thousands more Americans have been the victims of hate violence.
''Rep. Betsy Markey Speaks on Hate Crimes Bill'' (1:22) (Return Hate Crime News) (Top Page)
''Rep. Virginia Foxx Dishonored Matthew Shepard's Death On The House Floor" (00:51)
(What An Ignorant Bigoted Evil Old Crow, Pardon My French) (Return Hate Crime News) (Top Page)
''Community Murder Victim Remembered'' (2:35) WNEP 16 (Micheal's Video Menu) (Top Page)
''House Passes Fully Inclusive Matthew Shepard Act, Moves On To Senate''
This is a great 'VICTORY' against GLBT hate crimes. But now the battle moves onto the Senate. I'd ask you to once again to take action, call, email and write your Senator. Urge them to take up the Matthew Shepard Act (S. 909). We need every Senator to know we want quick action on the inclusive hate crimes bill. I hope you understand that this fight is far from over. Tell Senate it's their time to act, send an online message urging then. We can't wait another day, for GLBT hate crime legislation to be passed. The lives of our GLBT brothers and sisters depends on you taking action now.'
*Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act of 2009 (HR-1913). Open Congress
~ Bill Status, Other Bill Titles, Sponsor/Co-Sponsors, Committees, Comments, Etc. ~
"10 Years" Judy Shepard Calls for Hate Crime Law Named After Her Son Matthew. >

*YWCA USA Urges Congress to Pass Federal Hate Crimes Legislation. PR Newswire 4/30/09
*Transgender Faith Leaders Lobbied for Hate Crimes Bill. San Francisco Bay Times 4/30/09
*6 Days After Angie Zapata Verdict, Pres. Obama Urges Hate Crimes Bill Passage. Gay Examiner 4/29/09
*NGLTF Action Fund Hails U.S. House Passage Of Federal Hate Crimes Legislation. Miami Herald 4/29/09
*U.S. House Passes "Hate Crime" Bill That Bush Opposed. Reuters 4/29/09
*House Passes Expanded Hate Crimes Bill. Associated Press 4/30/09
*Congress Approves Hate Crime Bill Opposed By Herger. The Record Searchlight 4/30/09
*The House Passed The Fully Inclusive Matthew Shepard Act. PTB/HRC 4/30/09
*Rep. Betsy Markey Speaks on Hate Crimes Bill. Pam's House Blend 4/30/09 >
*NC Rep.: View of Shepard’s Death as Hate Crime A ’Hoax’. Edge Boston 4/30/09 >
*Virginia Foxx: Story of Matthew Shepard's Murder A "Hoax" Huffington Post 4/29/09 >

'Pre-Hate Crime Bill Passage, Conservative & Religious Right Anti-Gay Propaganda Machine Articles'
*Hate Crimes Bill Primed For House Debate. The Bulletin 4/27/09
Hate Crimes Law Threatens Religious Speech. Christian Post 4/27/09 (Propaganda)
*Hate Crimes Bill Infringes First Amendment Rights. Human Rights Events 4/27/09 (Propaganda)
*Federal Hate Crimes Bill Passes House Judiciary Committee. Earned Media 4/24/09
*Gay Rights Movement Advances As House Committee OKs 'Special Protections'. Baptist Press 4/24/09
*Judiciary Committee Greenlights 'Hate Crimes'. World Net Daily 4/23/09 (Propaganda)
~ Articles Posted On One Page ~
"Battle For Matthew Shepard Act Moves to Senate & Right Gets Down Right Dirty''
Now that the House passed HR-1913 the Religious Right is doing whatever possible to convince the Senate not to pass it. They have stooped to a new low, even for them, they have no shame. They've geared up spewing their Lies, Deceit, Misinformation and Scare Tactics. In absolute desperation, simply flooding Senators with emails isn't enough. Below is a sample of how low they're willing to go, it's just beginning.

*Expanded Hate Crimes Law Needed. Progressive.Org 5/13/09
*Michigan House Again Weighs Hate Crimes Expansion. WLNS 5/13/09
*Hate Crimes Bill: WND Pushes' Pedophile Protection Act' Meme. Pam's House Blend 5/9/09
*Time To Pass Federal Hate Crime Law. Opinion Coloradoan 5/8/09
*'Pedophile Protection Act' Stirs 200K Letters To Senate. WorldNetDaily 5/8/09 (Propaganda)
*Stop The Pedophile Protection Act  (Shipping Included). WorldnetDaily 5/7/09 (Propaganda)
*Preventing Hate Crimes. Letter To The Editor New York Times 5/8/09
*Arresting Queers In The Name Of Christ And Other Fundie E-Blasts. Bilerico Project 5/7/09
AFA: Hate Crimes Bill Protects 30 Sexual Orientations. American Family Association 5/7/09 (Propaganda)
*Republican Political Hackery and the Hate Crimes Bill. Huffington Post 5/7/09
*Hate Radio's Amputee Stump Fetish. Michelanelo Signorile 5/4/09 (Listen to Audio Clips Link Below Graphic)
*Janet Folger Porter On Hate Crimes Bill Passage. Pam's House Blend 5/4/09
*Rep. Joe Pitts Opposes Expansion Of Hate Crimes Law. Lancaster Online 4/30/09
*Social Conservatives Blast Hate-Crime Bill, Saying It Will Limit Free Speech. Fox 4/30/09
This despicable graphic appears on anti-gay activist Janet Folger Porter's new Faith2Action web site. It features a seriously disturbing anti-hate crimes legislation coupon and filled with equally appalling lies. Capitol Hill "reporter," Andrea Lafferty, daughter of Homophobe Lou Sheldon of the Traditional Values Coalition, tells Janet that if the hate crimes bill is passed it will mean amputee stump fetishists would be able to sexually assault her brother and she tried to stop them she'd be charged with a hate crime!
(Listen to Amputee Stump Fetish Audio Clip Courtesy Michelanelo Signorile)

Janet Folger Porter's "Faith2Action" (Anti-Gay Hate Crime Propaganda Radio)
May 8: Guests: Congressman Louie Gohmert (R-TX) & Peter LaBarbera (Americans for Truth)
Topic: Pedophile Protection Act.

May 7: Guests: Congressman Trent Franks (R-AZ) & Rev. Paul Blair (Reclaiming Oklahoma for Christ)
Topic: How the Expansion of Hate Crimes Could Mean "Open Season" on Christianity.
Mother Calls For Change After Son's Suicide (3:42) NECN.Com
''School Bullying Leads to Beating and Rape of 13 Y.O. Student''
This news story doesn't get more disturbing or heinous. Four teens attacked a 13 year old fellow student, but, in this case they didn't stop with just beating him up. They went even further by sodomizing this poor kid with A broom and hockey stick in school locker room. This has nothing to do with the student being perceived as or being gay. It exposes the shere brutality of bullying that can take place in our schools.
I find myself searching to understand how such despicable behavior is learned and ask two questions.
1. What causes young teens to act out in such a brutal and horrific manner upon another student.
2. Most importantly, what are teachers and administrators, who are charged with protecting students, doing to to prevent this from taking place or educating students on the traumatizing effects bullying has.
Raymond Price-Murray, 14
The four Walker Middle School students arrested and charged in the April 30th brutal attack and rape a 13-year-old classmate with a broom handle and a hockey stick in a campus locker room. The teen victim was continually harassed by his four classmates for nearly two months before the assault.
Lee Louis Myers, 14
Randall John Moye, 14
Diemante J. Roberts, 15
''News Articles, Photos & Video Links to News Reports May 8 to June 6''
(NOTE: Some Videos Offsite, After Viewing Close Browser Window to Retrun to This Page)
*Judge Releases Teen Rape Suspects From Home Detention. ABC Action News >
*Suspects In Rape Case Trickle Out Of Jail And Head Home With Their Electric Monitors. St Pete Times
*Where Were Adults At Walker Middle? Editorial St Petersburg Times
*Students Heard Boy's Screams, Prosecutor Tells Judge in Rape Case at Walker Middle. St Pete Times
*School Officials Reviewing Policies In Wake Of Rape Case. Tampa Tribune
*Officials Say Teen Rape Suspects' Release Was By The Book. Tampa Tribune
*Four Suspects In Walker Middle School Rape Case Spent Single Night In Detention. St Petersburg Times
*Parents: Rape Victim Didn't Disclose Bullying Because Wanted To Keep Playing Football. St Pete Times
*Counselors At Walker Middle School After Rape Arrests. TBO.Com >
*District Faces Questions Of Supervision. My Fox Tampa Bay >
*Walker Middle School Student Says Bullies Were Targeting Him Since Mid March. St Petersburg Times
*Boy's Silence Disturbs Schools Superintendent. Tampa Trubune
*Walker Middle Student Raped By Four Teens At School. 10 Connects (2 Videos) >
*Four Teens Raped Another In Walker Middle School Locker Room. St Petersburg Times
*Superintendent 'Appalled' By Student Rape Reports. Tampa Tribune
*Official: 4 Walker Middle School Students Raped Another With Broomstick. Tampa Trubune
*Students Arrested In Rape Of Boy. Tampa Trubune
*Teens Charged In Rape. My Fox Tampa Bay >
~ All Articles Posted On One Page ~

TBO.Com Walker Middle School Attack Suspects In Court Photo Gallery.
*4 Boys Rape A 13-Year-Old Boy With Broom & Hockey Stick At Florida School! (2:20) Fox 13 New.
*District Faces Questions Of Supervision Sexual Assault Forces Policy Review (3:10) My Fox Tampa Bay.
*Teens Charged In Rape (2:19) My Fox Tampa Bay.
*Walker Middle School Teens As Adults in Rape Case (1:24) TampaBay.Com.
(NOTE: Offsite Videos, After Viewing Close Browser Window to Retrun to This Page)
*Counselors at Walker Middle School (1:24) WFLA 8 >
*Walker Middle Student Raped By Four Teens At School (1:34) 10 Connects >
*Parents, Spokesperson, Principle's Message Leaves Out Details On Rape (1:35) 10 Connects >
*Three Teens Accused Of Raping Classmate Released  (2:10) ABC Action News >
*Students In Court For Sexual Assault (3:38) WFLA >
*How Could A Rape Happen In A School With Kids Under Adult Supervision? (2:22) WFLA 8 >
*District Faces Questions Of Supervision Sexual Assault Forces Policy Review (3:10) My Fox TB. (Return)
Teens Charged In Rape (2:19) My Fox Tampa Bay. (Return)
Walker Middle School Teens As Adults in Rape Case (1:24) TampaBay.Com. (Return)
4 Boys Rape A 13-Year-Old Boy With Broom & Hockey Stick At Florida School! (2:20) Fox 13 New (Return)
''News Articles''
*Enact Federal Hate Crimes Legislation Without ‘Inhumane’ Death Penalty Provision. Miami Herald 7/23/09
*Gay-Inclusive Hate Crimes Bill Evades Veto Threat. On Top Magazine 7/22/09

*Hate Crimes Passes, Faces Veto, Advocate
*Senate Votes Big Expansion Of Federal Hate Crimes. Associated Press
*Senate Passes Hate Hrimes Bill. Think Progress
~ Three Articles In One Post ~

*Some Religious Groups Worried By Hate Crime Legislation. KSFY 7/7/09
*U.S. Commission on Civil Rights Opposes GLBT Hate Crime Bill. Black News 6/22/09
*Senate Majority Leader Reid Pledges Vote On Hate Crimes Bill By August. Washington Blade 6/19/09
*Gay Hate Crime Killings Highest Since 1999. WBBM Radio 6/16/09
*Attorney General Holder Urges New Hate Crimes Law. Associated Press 6/16/09

*Senate Hate Crimes Vote Expected This Week. Washington Blade 6/15/09
*Hate Crimes Bill To Move In Senate This Week. 365Gay.Com 6/15/09
John Berry, Hate Crimes May Pass Next Week. Advocate 6/15/09
~ Three Articles In One Post ~

*Hate Crime Bill Concerns Church Leaders. Ada Evening News 6/15/09
*Christian Conservatives Fight Expansion Of Hate-Crimes Law. USA Today 6/15/09
*Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid: Hate-Crimes Bill A Priority For This Summer. CQ Politics 6/15/09
*The Freedom To Violently Attack Gays. Belief.Net 6/15/09
*Senate Takes Another Crack at Hate Crimes. Fox News 6/15/09
*Outlawing Hate Isn't Enough. Daily News Tribune 6/14/09
*Hate-Crimes Bill Would Expand Federal Jurisdiction. Times Dispatch 6/13/09
*Edmond Pastor Rallies Faithful Against Hate Crime Bill. Edmond Sun 6/13/09 (Propaganda)
*Pro-Gun Gay Groups Take Aim At Hate Crimes Bill. Michigan Messenger 6/9/09

*U. S. Senate To Pass Hate Crimes Bill As Amendment. Pam's House Blend/09
*Senate Plans To Pass Hate Crimes Bill As Amendment. Washington Blade 5/23/09
~ Two Articles One Post ~

*Sigh. Look At The Wrangling Over Federal Hate Crimes Bill Strategy. Pam's House Blend 5/23/09
*Congress Debating Path For Hate Crimes Bill. Washington Blade 5/22/09
~ Two Articles On Post ~

*The Hate Crimes Bill Is ‘Utter Evil,’ But There’s Nothing I Can Do About It. Think Progress 5/25/09
'Senate Passes Fully Inclusive Hate Crime Bill News'
*How Did Your Senator, Roll Call Vote? *Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes Prevention Act S 909 (Bill Text)
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Pride Tampa Bay Eye On GLBT Hate Crime News & Videos
"Never Will We Forget the Victims ~ Knowledge is Power ~ Stay Informed ~ Know Thy Enemy"
'Rainbow Lounge Raided During Celebration of GLBT Civil Rights Movement''
Has Stonewall Bar Raids Returned in 20098? Fort Worth Police and Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission Choose the 40th Anniversary of the Stonewall Riots, Birth of GLBT Civil Rights Movement, to Raid a Gay Bar. Which Resulted in Not Only 7 Arrests Made For Public Intoxitation, One Man Was Thrown to the Ground So Violently He Suffered a Severe Brain Injury.
''News Articles, Photos & Video Links''
*Rainbow Lounge Raid Website. Info & Link.
*Rainbow Lounge Raid Photo Gallery. CBS 11 News.
*Rainbow Lounge Raid Offsite and Onsited Videos >

*Fort Worth Gay Bar Raid Suspensions 'A Slap On The Hand'. On Top Magazine 11/5/09
*Police Issue Report On Raid Of Rainbow Lounge, Suspend Officers. Dallas News 11/5/09 Offsite Video News Report >

"August 2009"
*Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission Fires Supervisor, 2 Agents 0ver Fort Worth Gay Bar Raid. 8/20/09
*TABC Administrator Faces Inquiry On Comments After Fort Worth Gay Bar Raid. 8/27/09
*'Flawed Policy' Led To Missteps In Gay Bar Raid, Fort Worth Police Say. 8/19/09
*Fort Worth Police Chief Pledges Changes In Wake Of Gay Bar Raid. 8/18/09 Offsite Video News Report >
*U.S. Attorney Won't Get Involved Into inquiries Raid Fort Worth Gay Bar. 8/11/09
*TABC Agents Faulted In Fort Worth Gay Bar Raid. 8/7/09
*~ Six Dallas Morning News Articles Posted in One Page ~
''July 2009''
*Rainbow Lounge Bartender Killed In Arlington Car Crash. Star-Telegraph 7/27/09
*Man Injured During Rainbow Lounge Raid In Fort Worth Speaks Out. Dallas News 7/6/09
*Man Injured In Fort Worth Bar Raid Speaks Out. CBS11 KTVT-TV 7/5/09
*As TABC, FWPD Investigate Rainbow Lounge Raid, The New York Times Pays a Visit. Dallas Observer 7/5/09
*A Raid at a Club in Texas Leaves a Man in the Hospital and Gay Advocates Angry. New York Time 7/4/09
*Rainbow Lounge Incident Puts Fort Worth At Forefront Of Gay Rights Struggle. Star Telegraph 7/4/09
*Fort Worth Mayor Calls For Federal Review Of Gay Bar Raid. On Top Magazine 7/3/09
*As Pressure Mounts, Police Backtrack On Gay Bar Raid. On Top Magazine 7/3/09
*Fort Worth Police Suspend Operations With TABC. Star Telegraph 7/3/09
*Texas Agency Investigating Its Raid On Gay Bar. Washington Post 7/1/09
*Blame Game Begins Between FWPD And TABC Over Fort Worth Raid. Burnt Orange Report 7/1/09
*Senator Davis And Rep. Burnam Take Action On Fort Worth Raid. Burnt Orange Report 7/1/09
*Two Fort Worth Lawmakers Seek Independent Inquiry Into Rainbow Lounge Incident. Star Telegraph 7/1/09
~ 12 Articles In One Post ~
''June 2009''
*TABC To Investigate Injury Of Man In Agent's Custody At Gay Bar. Star Telegraph 6/30/09
*An Outrage In Fort Worth. Truth Wins Out 6/30/09
*Fort Worth Police Better Start Clarifying Gay Bar 'Check'. Dallas News 6/30/09
*Eyewitness Accounts: What They Saw At The Rainbow Lounge. Dallas Voice 6/29/09
*Condemnations Of Rainbow Lounge Raid Pour In. Burnt Orange Report 6/29/09
*Gays, Lesbians Rally In Fort Worth Over Bar Raid. Dallas Voice 6/29/09
*Gay Bar Patrons Not Targeted by Officers, Chief Says. Star Telegraph 6/29/09
*Fort Worth Police Identify Officers In Rainbow Lounge Inspection, Seek Additional Witnesses. Dallas News 6/29/09
*Dallas Fort Worth Gay Community Upset After Bar Raid. CBS 11 6/29/09
*Dozens Protest Arrests At Fort Worth Gay Bar. Dallas News 6/28/09
*On 40th Anniversary of Stonewall Raid, Anger Over Arrests at Fort Worth's Rainbow Lounge.  Dallas Observer 6/28/09
*World's Largest Gay Church Decries Actions of Fort Worth Police. Earth Times 6/28/09
*Demonstrators Protest Police Raid On Gay Bar. Star Telegraph 6/28/09
*Dozens Protest Arrests At Fort Worth Gay Bar. Dallas News 6/28/09
*Stonewall In 2009? Police Raid Texas Gay Bar, Arrest Patrons For “Public Intoxication”. Box Turtle Bulletin 6/28/09
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'Offsite Videos'
(Offsite Videos Open New Browser Window, Close to Return to This Page)
*Police Issue Report On Raid Of Rainbow Lounge, Suspend Officers  (2:53) Dallas Morning News.
*Fort Worth Police Chief Pledges Changes In Wake Of Gay Bar Raid. Dallas Morning News.
*Rainbow Lounge Raid Victim Speaks Out (2:26) CBS11 KTVT TV.
*Community Questions FWPD After Rainbow Lounge Raid (2:30) CBS11 KTVT TV.
*Nightclub Raid Leads Call for Investigation and Protests By Gay Community (2:45) CBS11 KTVT TV.
*Protests Follow Overnight Raid Rainbow Lounge (2:22) CBS11 KTVT TV.
*Rainbow Lounge Raid Investigation (2:59) News 33 KDAF.
*GLBT Community Concerned About Raid on "Rainbow Lounge" (3:19) News 33 KDAF.
Rainbow Lounge Raid Protest (2:52) Star Telegraph.

*Fort Worth Police Statement Concerning "Rainbow Lounge" Raid. >
*Mom Speaks Out - Victim of Violent Police Raid in Hospital With Brain Injury. >
*Eyewitness Accounts of Violent Police Raid at the Rainbow Lounge in Fort Worth, Texas. >
Fort Worth Police Statement Concerning "Rainbow Lounge" Raid (3:11) The 33 KDAF (Menu)
Mom Speaks Out - Victim of Violent Police Raid in Hospital With Brain Injury (2:18) mmflint (Menu)
Eyewitness Accounts of Violent Police Raid at the Rainbow Lounge in Fort Worth, Texas (2:46) (Menu)
Police Paddy Wagon Outside Rainboe Lounge - Patrton Taken To Floor While Handcuffed (Click For Enlarged Image)
''Openly Gay Sailor Murdered At Camp Pendleton, Was It A Hate Crime?''
Gay Murder Victim Boatswain’s Mate Seaman August Provost, 29.
(Click August's Center My Space Photo For Enlarged Image)
'News Articles'
*Fellow Sailor Charged In Seaman's Death. Houston Chronicle 7/24/09
*Sailor Charged In Death Of Gay Seaman Provost. On Top Magazine 7/23/09
*Sailor Charged In Camp Pendleton Shooting Death Of Seaman.  Union-Tribune 7/23/09
~ Three Articles In One Post ~

*Gays In The Military: Does A Sailor's Murder Signal Deeper Problems? Time 7/7/09 (Includes Related "DADT" Articles)

*Candle Light Memorial Vigil for Seaman August Provost, Set For July 10, 2009. DOD FED GLOBE 7/6/09
*Was Provost Killed For Being Gay or Black? Or Because of Where He Stood? Queerty 7/6/09
*Gay Sailor August Provost's Brutal Murder. Washington Monthly 7/5/09
~ All Articles In One Post ~

*Activists: Sailor’s Death A Hate Crime. News Runner 7/4/09
*Human Rights Campaign Statement On Death Of San Diego Area Sailor. E-News Forest Park 7/4/09
*Brutal Murder Of Say Sailor Increasingly Looking Suspicious, While Obama DOD Does Nothing. AmericanBlog 7/4/09
*Gay Sailor’s Family Blames Military After His Death. Chronicle 7/3/09
*Was Gay Houston Sailor The Victim Of Hate Crime? KHOU 11 News 7/3/09
*Man Detained In Connection With Death Of Pendleton Sailor. 10 News 7/3/09
*Sailor Gunned Down On Sentry Duty, Navy Says. CNN News 7/3/09
*Death Of Sailor May Be Gay Hate Crime. San Diego 6 7/3/09
*Slain Sailor Shot, Also May Have Had Burns. San Diego Union Times 7/3/09
  *Navy Investigates Gay Sailor's Death. KFMB 8 7/3/09
*Congressman: Gay Sailor's Death Is A Possible Hate Crime. Los Angeles Times 7/2/09
*Camp Pendleton Sailor Found Dead In Guard Shack. 10 News 7/1/09
*Camp Pendleton Sailor Found Dead On Base. San Diego Union Times 7/1/09
~ All Articles In One Post ~
*Was Gay Houston Sailor The Victim Of Hate Crime? KHOU 11 News 7/3/09 Offsite Video >
*Navy Officials: Sailor's Death Not Hate Crime. 10 News 7/3/09 Offsite Video >
*Camp Pendleton Sailor Found Dead In Guard Shack. 10 News OffSite Video >
*Sailor Gunned Down On Sentry Duty, Navy Says. CNN News 7/3/09 (Onsite Video Below)
''Religious Right Pushing God On City Logos and Billboards''
''Radio Hosts Make Reprehensible & Dehumanizing Transgender Slurs On Air''
*Radio Show Transgender Bashing, Takes A Positive Turn In Educating Listeners. Pride Tampa Bay 6/12/09
*Rob, Arnie & Dawn Radio Show & John Geary, Vice President and Market Manager
June 12th & June 7th Statements On Transgener Slurs. RAD 98 Rock 6/12/09
*KRXQ Hosts Rob Williams and Arnie States Apologize for Dehumanizing and Defamatory Comments Advocating Child Abuse of Transgender Children. GLADD 6/11/09
*GLAAD Update on Today’s KRXQ Broadcast. GLADD 6/11/09
*Radio Hosts Back Down Over Transgender Slurs. On Top Magazine 6/9/09
*UPDATE: McDonald’s Is 10th Company to Pull KRXQ Advertising. GLADD 6/5/09
''Radio Show Audio Clips''
*Radio Show Transgender Bashing, Takes A Positive Turn In Educating Listeners. (Audo) (10 Segments)
*The Rob & Arnie Transgender Controversy. (Audio)
*Transgender Controversy Continued. (Audio)
*Haters & Supporters of Rob & Arnie (Audio)
*Separating Transgenders & Mental Patients (Audio)
''News Headlines''
''August 2009''
*Gunman Attacks Israeli Gay Center Kill 2 Wounds 10. BBC, A. P. & Aljazeera. BBC Videos 1>        & 2>
Two Gay Jews Killed In Tel Aviv. (1:53) Hunt For Killer Tel Aviv Club Fatal Shooting (2:14)
*Gay Slur: Hawaii Coach Suspended 30 Days Without Pay. Salt Lake Tribune 8/1/09

''July 2009''
*Wilmington Victim: Was Brutal Beating Anti-Gay Bias Crime? Edge Boston 7/29/09 (Related Articles Below)
*Senate To Hold Military Gay Ban Hearing. On Top Magazine 7/27/09
*Wilmington Victim Believes His Sexual Orientation Might Have Led To Attack. Star News 7/27/09
*Two Men Wilmington Beaten Unconscious On Downtown Street. Star News 7/22/09
*Teen Charged With String Of Anti-Gay Hate Crimes. NY1 News Offsite >
*Police: Upper East Side Attacks May Be Linked. NY1 Offsite >
*Police Investigate Possible Bias Crime On Upper East Side. NY1 Offsite >
~ 3 NY1 Articles Posted In One Post ~
*We Win!! Rockstar Energy Drink to Donate $100K+ To LGBT Orgs & Bloggers, Bilerico Project 7/9/09
*Gay Men Claim Kiss Discrimination By Security Company, El Paso PD. KVIA 7/8/09 Offsite >
*Gay Kiss Nixed By Restaurant Guards, El Paso Police. On Top Magazine 7/8/09
*Bias-Motivated Crimes: You Can Accurately Analyze, Or You Can Rush. Good As You 7/3/09

''June 2009''
*Family Research Council Want To Oust Gay Department of Education Appointee. 365Gay.Com 6/30/09
*North Carolina Passes Anti-Gay Bullying Bill. Pink News 6/23/09
*Gay Hate Crime Killings Highest Since 1999. WBBM Radio 6/16/09
*Fresno Hospital Discriminated Against Lesbians. Advocate 616/09
*Hospital Bars Lesbian From Visiting Partner And Giving Treatment Advice About Her. ACLU & NCLR 6/15/09
*Lesbian Victims of Double Murder Remembered. ABC 2 News 6/13/09
*Gay Stereotypes. The Examiner 6/12/09
''Anti-Gay Advertisement, Alerts & News Articles''
'Despicples Homophobic 'What's So Gay About It' Advetisement From Florida Law Bar News (PDF Format)
ALERT: Kissimmee City Commissioner Uses Anti-Gay Rhetoric to Promote City Logo Change. Gay & Lesbian Law Asso.
*God And Government In Central Florida. The Ledger 7/23/09
*Kissimmee Wants 'God' In Its City Logo. Orlando Sentinel 7/22/09
*Hillsborough Billboards Ads Tout Religion In Government. The Ledger 7/21/09
"In God We Trust" Commissioner Art Otero (1:42) My Fox 35 (Top Page/Menu)
Kissimmee City New Logo (Click to Enlarge)
Hillsborough County Billboards (Click to Enlarge)
*Video Stills, Voices of Salt Lake City Kissing Protest Brings Cheers, Jeers (4:00) (Offsite Close to Return)
*Surveillance Tape of Gay Couple's Confrontation With LDS Guards Videos (2:28) Double Speed (1:10)
'PTB Special Report: Gay Couple Who Kiss At Mormon LDS Mall Arrested  & Charges Are Dropped'
Matt Aune, 28, and Derek Jones, 25, were detained, handcuffed, and ticketed for kissing on Main Street Plaza.
'News Articles'
*Prosecutor Drops Case Against Gay Couple Accused Of Trespassing On LDS Property. Salt Lake Tribune
*Citing LDS Church Incident, Bloggers Call For Nationwide Kissing Demonstration. Salt Lake Tribune
*Group Plans 'Kiss-In' At Mormon Temple Near San Diego. Salt Lake Tribune
*Salt Lake City Kissing Protest Brings Cheers, Jeers. Salt Lake Tribune
*Gay Incident Reopens Salt Lake City's Main Street Plaza Wounds. Salt Lake Tribune
*LDS Church: Cited Gay Couple Engaged In Passionate Spectacle. Salt Lake Tribune
*A Kiss, A Kiss-Off, An Apology Due. Salt Lake Tribune
*Police Report On Men's Plaza Kiss Released. Salt Lake Tribune
~ Articles Posted On One Page ~
Click Photos Enlarged Images. View More Scott Sommerdorf / The Salt Lake Tribune Photos  Derek & Matt and Kiss-In Protest.
Uganda Gay Bill Letter.